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Bees drinking and carrying water

(http://honeybeesuite.com/water-collection/) “Water collection by honey bees Water has several uses in a honey bee hive. During certain times of the year foragers find a source of water, fill their crops, and ferry it home. The number of bees foraging for water depends on the needs of the colony. If the in-hive workers accept the water […]

Land o’Glebe: Feeding of the 5000 (plus)

Susanne has been busy in the kitchen. Last Sunday in the warmer afternoon, she arrived in full garb, with fondant cakes in her basket. We lifted a corner of G2 roof and hood and swiftly inserted the food… The hive was very quiet, no bees to be seen in the super, only some, comatose on […]

Land o’Glebe winterisation

Now the bees will be very well protected with cosies of black tar paper and chicken wire all round the hives plus mouseguards across the entrance… Wood peckers and  mice will not be happy.  

Land o’Glebe, what’s going on in there?

Too quiet a hive? …Thursday 19th November 2015: We’ve been  all a-tremble at Land o’Glebe. Peter  pointed out early this morning that he observed no movement at G2, despite his mowing close to the hive on his tractor and creating the usual havoc in the garden. Yet this colony has been quite hyperactive, to say […]

Land o’Glebe “All Quiet on the Northern Front”…?

Sunday 22nd November, the snow has arrived, only a dusting(?) says Peter. But it looks cold out there and I wonder how the boys are doing.  So, in my jimjams, furry housecoat and wellies I make my way to the hives. At the G2, by the entrance, no activity whatsoever again. Hmmm…. Let’s have a […]