Land o’Glebe: Feeding of the 5000 (plus)

imageSusanne has been busy in the kitchen.

Last Sunday in the warmer afternoon, she arrived in full garb, with fondant cakes in her basket. We lifted a corner of G2 roof and hood and swiftly inserted the food… The hive was very quiet, no bees to be seen in the super, only some, comatose on the excluder… Now onto G1, same approach trying to be as quick as possible. But a completely different situation greeted us: now, the bees literally swarmed up. To add to our panic we realized the fondant slab was too high to fit under the crown board?  We were not prepared for that: no eke to hand…what do we do? we took the crown boad away, and putting the roof back on, hoped for the best…


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