First Spring Peek

First Spring Peek

Following the discussion at first Meeting last Monday 6th March concerning the reinstatement of the queen excluders: the weather being warm at more that 14C on Thursday 9th at 2pm, Michele, Peter and Brian  took a quick look into the four hives at Glebe Lodge and decided to proceed. We did not pull out any frames either of brood or supers, so it wasn’t an Inspection.

All four hives have vigorous, populous and healthy populations. We reinstated the queen excluders (except for G1 which has the double brood boxes and no super) and the varroa boards to all three hives.

All four hives have at least some honey left, probably mostly the Ivy honey that was being harvested up until at least the end of November last. Obviously the bees have thrived on the honey we left them in the Autumn.

We fed Susanne’s solid fondant to all four hives in mid-January. There is plenty left but as you can see in the pictures it is being used now, as well as their own reserves.

Pollen of all colours is now flowing into all hives at quite a rate from snowdrops and the Mirabalan plum trees and other early flowers. We are not sure how much space there is in the frames for the new honey so we added a super to each hive except G1, which has two brood boxes. The new pollen is probably being used to feed new brood.

Looking good!

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