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Making a Split with a Swarm Cell

Making a Split with a Swarm Cell By Michele Horsefield The swarm season arrived. We try to stop them from swarming. The bees have ample room with brood and a half box with supers above them. The bees are not honey bound. They have drawn comb and foundation interspersed. And yet they build swarm cells! […]

Hive Inspection April 2017

Hive Inspection Saturday 29th April 2017, Glebe Lodge As the day’s weather forecast kept its promise, warm with a little cloud, after two weeks of cooler than normal temperatures and no inspection, we decided to proceed. As soon as Julia arrived we had a little council of war about the many variables we might encounter […]

She’s a very busy lady

Here’s a very busy lady, and we even didn’t notice her when inspecting the frame! Michele and Peter only discovered her later on Peter’s photo, laying eggs. It can be so difficult identifying the queen. Anyway, this shows a perfect pattern of capped and fresh larvae in different stages – what a delight!  

First Spring Peek

First Spring Peek Following the discussion at first Meeting last Monday 6th March concerning the reinstatement of the queen excluders: the weather being warm at more that 14C on Thursday 9th at 2pm, Michele, Peter and Brian  took a quick look into the four hives at Glebe Lodge and decided to proceed. We did not […]

The Apiary in March

BBKA Newsletter March 2017 The Apiary in March (2018): Page 1: https://www.trunchbeekeeping.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/March-beecraft-page-1.pdf Page 2: https://www.trunchbeekeeping.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/March-Beecraft-page-2.pdf

Tips on Spring Cleaning

Tips on Spring Cleaning in February (www.thorne.co.uk) It’s a good idea to try to get ahead before the bees do…While it’s cold and the propolis is hard it’s the best time to clean spare hive parts, and recycle your frames ready for the oncoming season.   Gather all the floors, brood boxes, supers, crown boards, […]