Cooling beehive

Today we noticed an unusual bee behaviour. It looked like this: –

Fanning party

The bees were stationary, all aligned with their heads pointing to the entrance. On very close observation we could see that they were all fanning with their wings. This was very necessary as the temperature at the hive was like this: –


29.6 degrees celsius. It was probably more at midday. Other bees were coming and going as normal.





We put up a shade: –


Within half an hour they were all behaving normally.
Only hive 2 was involved; maybe because the others had more tree shade.
Michele put her hand into the varroa board slot and said it was very hot in there.
The next two days will also be hot, so tonight we will remove the entrance blocking board.

By the way all four feeders were empty when we checked them yesterday. We bought more sugar and will feed them tonight. It looks like we must feed all the hives, so we need to buy two more feeders and will get them tomorrow.

We live and learn!


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