Land o’Glebe, Administering the medicine & feeding of the 5000, ctd.

imageimageTues. 4th Dec 2015: More goodies for the bees!

As we checked the hives we could see that the colonies had made free of the previous offerings. Both G1 and G2 bees were very active too, enjoying the warmer spell.

Brian, Susanne and myself, with Peter in charge of photographic recording, all of us in full clobber,  proceeded with applying the solution of oxalic acid as recommended by Helen. Armed with a syringe and a bowl of the stuff I dutifully and as evenly as possible gave each frame space the 5 ml it said on the bottle, (I’d like to think John Everett would be proud of us!) I thought the operation might take much longer but we were soon done. The bees were very good about it, no swarming up… As I had anticipated… Bees only interested in the fondant!

For good measure Su added more of her treat to each hive – I cannot help but wonder,…what is her recipe??? They love it and certainly have perked up since the feeding started.

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