Trunch Village Society, Bee Keeping Project Group



  1. Name.

The name of the organisation shall be Trunch Bee Keeping Group (hereinafter referred to as the Group) and will be a Project Group of the Trunch Village Society.


  1. Mission Statement.
  2. a) The group will promote and encourage the learning and advancement of apiculture within the community and stimulate co-operation amongst its members and other beekeepers.
  3. b) The Group is a non-profit making organisation, all monies raised from subscriptions, grants and sale of honey and beeswax will be used to invest in the training of members, maintenance of the hives, care of the bees and development of a controlled network of hives within the community. Surplus funds will be given to the Trunch Village Society.


  1. Objectives.
  2. a) To encourage members to attend training courses, lectures, demonstrations, shows and other events appertaining to apiculture.
  3. b) To care for the bees and prevent the spread of diseases by regular inspection of the hives and management of the hive structure within the Group
  4. c) To increase the production and consumption of honey within the community through sales of the honey and beeswax products.
  5. d) To collect statistics and other information relating to apiculture and to disseminate information on matters appertaining to the objectives of the Group.
  6. e) To administer funds acquired by means of subscription, grants, donations and the sale of bee products.
  7. f) To take out insurance against disease, product and public liability through membership of the British Beekeepers Association.


  1. Membership.

The Group shall consist of all members who have paid their subscriptions for the current year. Only paid up members are entitled to vote.


  1. Subscriptions.

Every member shall pay the annual subscription fixed by the Group. The subscription shall be fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting and will come into force at the beginning of the next financial year. The year for that purpose shall run from 1st April until 31st March following. Subscriptions must be paid in advance.


  1. Management.
  2. a) The management of the group shall be vested in an executive committee which shall be elected at the Annual general meeting and shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary. Treasurer and nine other members all of whom shall retire annually and be eligible for re-election.
  3. b) The Committee shall elect one or more of their number to represent the Group on the Trunch Village Society Committee or to any other Organisation to which it may become affiliated.
  4. c) The Committee may co-opt not more than two additional persons to serve as members of the Committee
  5. d) Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
  6. e) A member who has been the Chairperson for three consecutive years shall not be eligible for re-election to the Chair until two years have passed.
  7. f) The Committee shall meet at least six times each year.
  8. g) A simple majority of the Committee members present shall be sufficient to defeat or carry a motion

save that a motion to act under 6(j) (expulsion) shall not be carried unless two thirds of those voting, shall vote in favour.

  1. h) Any decision of the Committee properly arrived at under the Constitution of the Group shall be binding and final.
  2. i) The Committee may appoint sub-committees to deal with special matters.
  3. j) Subject to 6(g) and to confirmation in a Special General meeting or at the next Annual General Meeting the Committee shall have the power to expel from the Group any member whose conduct they consider injurious to the welfare of the Group.


  1. Meetings.
  2. a) An Annual general meeting shall be held in April each year and at a place and time the Committee may appoint to elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, nine other committee members and Auditor for the forthcoming year.
  3. b) The Committee shall present at the Annual General Meeting a report of the previous year’s proceedings and a statement of accounts previously scrutinised by an Independent Examiner for adoption or otherwise. Such a meeting may consider any business brought before it and make recommendations to the Committee thereon.
  4. c) A written notice of any matter to be raised at a Committee Meeting, Special General Meeting

or Annual General Meeting must be given to the Secretary ten days before the Meeting. The agenda for such meetings shall be announced seven days before that meeting and no other matter shall be considered after publication of the Agenda.


  1. Changes to the Constitution

An alteration or amendment of the Constitution shall be made only if agreed by a two thirds majority of an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. Any such alteration or amendment proposed and the arrangements for the meeting at which it is to be considered shall be notified to Committee not less than ten days before the date of the meeting. An alteration or amendment of the Constitution may be made whether or not the Committee consent.


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