Pictures Hive Inspections 18 June 2015

We started at Susanne’s hive. The colony is quite small now, after the swarming. The new queen has still not hatched.

Chris’ hive is thriving!

However we found four new queen cells. As the existing queen is laying eggs and seems very strong, this means they probably would swarm in a few days. And as the colony is not yet huge, a swarming would weaken them. So in order to avoid swarming we had to destroy the four queen cells.

Glebe Hive 1

Our first swarm is thriving, too. They emptied the feeder and we decided not to feed them any more. Lots of brood, uncapped and capped – so an active laying queen is present.

Glebe Hive 2 – our latest swarm, the wild builders

Although we took off the newly build wild combs and wired them into a frame, they have now build new combs again – this time inside the queen excluder added yesterday! These new combs have now been added to the wired frame, too. We’ll see next time if they “behave” and concentrate on the ready made frames or if they are just prefer the wild life…