Entrance Protection in Autumn

Bee Behaviour in Autumn (by: backyard bees)

You should notice a stronger and more assertive group of guard bees at the entrance of the beehive in the fall. Why is this?

This is because honeybee populations are still high in the early fall, but the amount of pollen and nectar available to forage on has decreased to very small amounts. The bees not only become more inquisitive for alternative sources of nourishment, but are also seeking out opportunities to Rob neighbouring communities.

Robbing is a common concern for honeybees as they enter in to the fall.

If the colony is weak in the fall and is incapable to protecting their entrance, they may fall victim of either another honeybee colony looting their stores, or of wasps coming in and stealing their young, nectar, and pollen.

To solve this problem, many colonies may put up a visible blockade made of wax and or propolis to close off parts of the entrance and or show greater fervour in checking the bees entering the beehive.