Wasp Nest next to our Hives

Looks as if we’ve possibly got a problem: We discovered a wasp nest in the ground next to our hives.

Wasp nest in groundExperienced beekeepers are adament how to treat this problem. If you want to save and protect your bees, you’ll have to kill the wasps.

Some comments on the British Beekeepers’ Facebook site:
Believe me, the last thing you want close to your hives is a wasps nest. A dozen wasps can exterminate an entire honeybee colony.

You can buy a wasp and ant killer called Nippon. It’s a powder that you just puff in to the nest entrance (after the flying bees have gone home). 48 hours later, no wasps.

Or pyrethrum powder at entrance to wasps nest and they walk it in!

My husband uses Rentokil wasp and ant powder. Powder is best and puff into entrance. Do it early evening as they are returning home so they take it into the nest. Wear bee suit and a pair of disposable gloves and wash suit after so bees arent accidentally poisoned.

Pour petrol down hole and just leave fumes will kill em done it loads of times
Not a pleasant task but a large colony of wasps will wipe out all your colonies very quickly. Give your bees a chance!