First Inspection of a New Hive
We’re opening up our new hive one week after installing package bees. We’re going to check the bees’ progress drawing out foundation, verify that the queen was accepted and replenish the sugar syrup if needed.

How to examine your bees in late spring

Expert beekeeping tips with Robin Dartington
One of the great features of the Beehaus is that you can divide a strong colony in the Spring to stop them from swarming. In this film, expert bee keeper Robin Dartington takes us through his Beehaus where he did just that. We look through both sides of the Beehaus to find out if the artificial swarm has worked and if the new colony has produced a new Queen. As he’s inspecting, Robin show’s us some of his tips and tricks such as lifting and turning frames with ease, how to clear bees off the comb and marking a queen.

Remove a stinger


Artificial Swarming – Splitting a Hive (excellent explanation!)

Walking a Swarm

A new bee is born…

Beekeeping Tools – The Smoker

The Queen Bee

The Miracle in the Hive

The Bait Hive

Capturing A Swarm of Bees

Bees collecting pollen

Honey Bee Dissection

Drone Frame full of Varroa Mites

Mite control Using Powdered Sugar

Honey Bees – Life Cycle

Treatment of Varroa Mites


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